Polite, charming, sexy southern bell who has become encircled in the poltics of Elysium.


A elegant, charming woman who seems to hold multiple and extravagent party’s in Portland each year. This woman relies on her quick charm, and gorgeous looks to shine her way into the politics of Portland. Easy on the eyes, delicate with her touch, and subtle in her remarks to fellow kindred, Victoria is truly a woman who knows what a Harpy does. She has made a slight name for herself in the circles of kindred as Jonah’s protege when ever he attends the gatherings. She makes it quite apparent that she enjoys his company, and the company he keeps. Victoria is a relatively young ancilla, and is thought to have been embraced during the mid 1800’s.

Victoria is the childe of Paul, and is very proud to be encircled into the Toreador clan. Victoria plays the Toreador clan well, and has earned herself some prestige among her clan in picking out the black sheeps of the clan and rediculing them to no end.



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