The tall, ungodly beautiful, redheaded elder of the Followers of Set.


Madelyne is a lady of exquisite beauty, grace, and charm, She has taken it upon herself to take many of the charming qualities of a politicians, actresses, and runway models. Gracing the stage of Camarilla kindred politics throughout the ages she has been known to influence many of the actions throughout history. Revered by her clan as a asp in the bontanical garden of politics, she has moved up through the ranks of the Setite through her many abilities of persuation. Culling the population of mortal populace with vice, greed, and information she has become a professional with providing these for favors in return.

Recently, she has taken an interest in Portland from afar. She arrived with her childe Darius from Egypt for some unknown reason. Her understanding of kindred lore and history rival only the Nosferatu clan as she uses it to sway kindred and kine alike. For whatever reason she has taken quite in interest in the city of Portland, but she seems to being keeping that to herself. Prince Corin has given her recognition to stay within the confines of Portland, but for what reason only she and him know.

What this means for Portland…



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