Mrs. Peach Nosferatu Primogen

A very meek, friendly, but wise kindred of the Nosferatu. A sweet lady who hides her malciousness with a smile and a cup of tea.


Mrs. Peach came into Portland roughly the same time as Corrin. She was called to Corrin as a favor from him to take the city of Portland with him. She has been known for maneuvering mortal affairs to construct the Max line in Portland, and the extensive underground warrens of Portland. She has always helped the courts of Portland evolve to secure the masquerade and secure the borders of Vancouver.

Mrs. Peach has a friendly demeanor with all the clans, and has made it known that she is glad to offer her informational service to anyone that is in need. The Nosferatu have taken a liking to her, and has gladly rewarded her with their support all these years.

Mrs. Peach for some reason is able to drink tea, and eat food much to the dismay and repulsion of the other kindred of the city.


Mrs. Peach Nosferatu Primogen

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