Lord Grey

A tall, professional, and direct man who says little, but seems to collect a lot of respect.


Lord Grey has been an aloof character within the city. He is acknowledged in the city by Prince Corin, but he never is truly in the city for any significant lengths of time. He attends the local elysium gatherings, but is very rarely ever seen in the popular kindred hot spots in Portland. Some claim Lord Grey is a traveling Archon who makes rounds in the Northwest, but others think that he has a darker purpose of some sort.

Always polite, and always careful with his words Lord Grey seems to give off the feeling of a charismatic appeal and a dark sense of dread in his presense. The entire clan of Tremere seems to regard him as a elder of unrivaled power, as there have been situations in Elysium where an occasional “Sir” or “Yes, your excellence” seems to whisper from their mouths. Whatever his station may be, he is known throughout the United States as a pillar of respect and authority from the Camarilla.


Lord Grey

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