A viscious, germanic thug-like monster.


Klaus is the brother and childe of Edward Von Kimmler. Klaus came with his brother Edward when the city was secured and has been a intregal part in maintaining the city from attack against the Anarchs, Sabbat, and Lupines. Always easy to get into a fight, he seems to have a very bloodthirsty nature and is rumored to being very close to the beast. Some think a little too close, as his detachment of the kine and his sometimes violent actions give even elders pause. He seems loyal to Clan Nosferatu and to the Camarilla, but many think it is just a matter of conveinance than anything else. In public Klaus only attends gatherings if he is required by the Prince of Primogen, so he is never seen in pulic for very long. Edward though seems to give him a wide berth, and at times seems withdrawn whenever the topic of Klaus comes up.



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