Scott Hadley

El Douche Bag


Scott is known as one of the only Ventrue Neonates in Portland. In fact, he is(was)the only Ventrue in Portland as of a few years ago. He explains that his embrace into the clan came literally a few years prior to the total annihilation of the Ventrue clan in Portland at the hands of Prince Corin. Much is murky over the facts of the matter with the Ventrue, but what is known is that the Ventrue had committed some large act of treason or wide ranging breach of the Traditions to warrant their demise. Scott lives in a constant state of paranoia, and fear every night as the other clans via for his political sway.

Why Corrin spared his life? Maybe to hold leverage over Scott so that he could hold a sway over the Primogen Court? Either way, it is evident that this young kindred is in way over his head.


Scott Hadley

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