Lady Phoenix Tremere Primogen

A lady who commands respect and fear of all the clans in the city. She seems to run her clan like a well oiled clock.


Lady Phoenix is a brisk, strong woman who has made her place in the City of Portland. Her peers evny her, and her enemies fear her. She is known for being precise, analytical, and cold hearted. Phoenix calculates all of her moves and decides the best course of action through a mixture of mystical and political means. Her clan in Portland are united in their clan’s goals, and she seems to hold some type of sway over all of the other Tremere in the city.

Her known companions at social gatherings seem to be Zero, and Lord Grey. She is known for disliking many of Prince Corrins motives in the city, but is known to be appeased as long as her clan is safe from harm.


Lady Phoenix Tremere Primogen

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