Holt Gangrel Primogen

Bestial, aggressive, and a true hunter of the night.


Holt is by far the most monstrous out of all the Kindred in Portland. His animalistic demeanor, disregard for human emotion, and predatory instincts all make up this monster. Holt is not without restraint though, as he takes part in the nightly meetings of the Jyhad with the other elders of the Camarilla. Rumors persist that he doesn’t even remotely have a human understanding anymore, and that he has attained another set of morales not unlike some of the Sabbat. Some have seen his hidden visage that he keeps up with a minor amount of Obfuscate, and those that do see it never speak openly in front of him about it.

But with all the fears many Kindred have of him, he seems to protect his Gangrel clan and unite them together against common enemies. What his involvment with the Lupines across the river are, some can speculate…but not openly with him. As he feels there is a definate place for the Kindred, and a definate place for the Lupines on each of the sides of the river.


Holt Gangrel Primogen

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