Zero Malkavian Primogen

Malkavian Primogen. Punkish looking individual who seems to have a facination with numbers.


Zero appears to be an enigmatic character. He seems to be very uncomfortable and insecure with himself. He is often found scribbling in a small blue backed notebook rigoursly only stopping to occasionally glance about. In usual conversations, he tends to stare strangely at his company usually making them very uncomfortable as he seems to look at them with curiousity. Zero occasionally seems to ask random questions totally unrelated to anyone taking part, which to the confusion of many, seems to make him content. He is usually dressed in punk-ish type clothing, spiked blonde hair, bull nose ring, and hunched shoulders. His company in which he spends much of his time with is Lady Pheonix and Tara, although rumors surmount that he has a very good relationship with Alex and Jonah of the Brujah.


Zero Malkavian Primogen

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