Tara Toreador Primogen

Angelic, beautiful, graceful, and elegant. Toreador Primogen.


Tara is a gorgeous creature of beauty and malice. She walks in the finest of dresses, while speaking articulately and sweetly. She is a tall brunette, with a graceful body, and a smile that could silence a crowd. She frequents the gala events hosted by Corrin, and is often seen at many Elysium events playing the host to many new upcoming artists. She is known for always saying that right thing, and never openly causes scorn to anyone’s face. She is a master at the social gatherings in gossip, and rumors. Her clan adores her as the matron of the North West. Her popularity and fame have increased tenfold since coming to Portland, as she is almost in every large mortal event in the Northwest.


Tara Toreador Primogen

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