Alexander Cauldon Scourge of Portland

Intense, blond haired Tremere Scrouge of Portland


Alexander Cauldon was embraced in the early 1800’s in England. He rose in the pyramid ranks easily in the area, and was quickly called upon by Lady Phoenix to help secure her foot hold in Portland. Alexander is described as clean cut, organized, but callous beyond measure. He says very little, and he holds no empathic value on peoples feelings. Dealings with him have been known to be brisk, and quick as he does not like to take up his valuable time. He is a known for carrying around a large bastard sword at his side, and a titanium open palmed gauntlet on his left hand. He seems to be very loyal to Tigger and the Prince, and enjoys hunting Catiff and Anarchs in the city.


Alexander Cauldon Scourge of Portland

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