Corrin Prince of Portland

Prince of Portland


A professionally dressed man who appears to be in his early 30’s. Glasses, long curly hair, clean shaven face, piercing eyes, and a intense demeanor. Corrin seems to incorporate a callous attitude in which everything is looked at through a microscope. His scientific outlook in all of his night-night activites makes for a brilliant coordinator or a obsessive-compulsive madman. He almost always carries a hankerchief with him at all times, and is not above taking a squirt of Purrell in his hands after shaking someones hand.


Corrin has been Prince of Portland since the early 1950’s. He has removed the anarchs from the city and kept the Lupines at bay for the past 50 years. Most Primogen fear his power as he calculates all of his moves with a precision of a scalpel. Corrin seems to enjoy magnificant sculptures, native american art, and modern architecture as his haven is known to be held in the US Bancorp Tower in SW Portland.

Corrin Prince of Portland

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