• Alex Brujah Primogen

    Alex Brujah Primogen

    Angry, inspirational, and decisive leader of the Brujah.
  • Alexander Cauldon Scourge of Portland

    Alexander Cauldon Scourge of Portland

    Intense, blond haired Tremere Scrouge of Portland
  • Amoree


    Blond, beautiful, sleek, and aggressive woman of the Brujah
  • Ash


    A quiet kindred who keeps to himself in the NW area of Portland.
  • Corrin Prince of Portland

    Corrin Prince of Portland

    Prince of Portland
  • Edward Von Kimmler

    Edward Von Kimmler

    Russian/Germanic in origin, this ancilla lives for the hunt and aggressive activities.
  • Holt Gangrel Primogen

    Holt Gangrel Primogen

    Bestial, aggressive, and a true hunter of the night.
  • Jesse


    A relatively young looking, native american kindred who seems to keep to herself rather than take part in kindred society.
  • Jonah Harpy of Portland

    Jonah Harpy of Portland

    A gallant, well-spoken Harpy of the city.
  • Klaus


    A viscious, germanic thug-like monster.
  • Lady Phoenix Tremere Primogen

    Lady Phoenix Tremere Primogen

    A lady who commands respect and fear of all the clans in the city. She seems to run her clan like a well oiled clock.
  • Lambach


    A dark cloaked Tremere with a white porclain mask and a raspy growling voice.
  • Levi


    Hell's Angel biker with a mean, rough attitude. He speaks the loudest in his clan and is second only to Holt.
  • Lord Grey

    Lord Grey

    A tall, professional, and direct man who says little, but seems to collect a lot of respect.
  • Madelyne


    The tall, ungodly beautiful, redheaded elder of the Followers of Set.
  • Mrs. Peach Nosferatu Primogen

    Mrs. Peach Nosferatu Primogen

    A very meek, friendly, but wise kindred of the Nosferatu. A sweet lady who hides her malciousness with a smile and a cup of tea.
  • Paul


    A intense and inquisitive scrawny looking sewer rat that delights in the game of information.
  • Scott Hadley

    Scott Hadley

    El Douche Bag
  • Syd


    Childlike, paranoid, and schitzoprenic teenager in Portland
  • Tara Toreador Primogen

    Tara Toreador Primogen

    Angelic, beautiful, graceful, and elegant. Toreador Primogen.
  • Tigger Sheriff of Portland

    Tigger Sheriff of Portland

    A tall, quiet, but overtly aggressive Sheriff of Portland. He is the judge, jury, and sometimes executioner of the city.
  • Victoria


    Polite, charming, sexy southern bell who has become encircled in the poltics of Elysium.
  • Zach


    Tattoo'd, black mohawk, piercing ridden, hispanic pimp.
  • Zander


    Short, timid, and known to spend more time in the company of animals than with her fellow kindred
  • Zero Malkavian Primogen

    Zero Malkavian Primogen

    Malkavian Primogen. Punkish looking individual who seems to have a facination with numbers.