Portland By Night


Where the characters last left off was in the Pearl District of Portland. Alice, Darius, and Marcel all left together to go confront the Ventrue Primogen Scott Hadley as to the nature of his place in Portland. Alice had deep reservations about Scott and asked Darius and Marcel for service in seeking inforamtion on Scott. Alice proceeded to bring her ghoul Steve to support her effort of protection, while Marcel sought to bring Bethany his ghoul for organizing logistical duties.

All five of them proceeded to break in and infiltrate the penthouse suite of Scott Hadley, only to be ambushed by his ghouls upon entering the suite. Gun fire and a chase ensued between multiple ghouls and the group of kindred, and as the kindred split themselves from one another, Scott Hadley took the opporotunity to strike from obfuscate at the split group. With the combined effort of Darius and Marcel using Thaumaturgy and the hypnotic gaze of Darius to hold Scott until helped arrived.

Once all the ghouls were dispatched of the cotertie members flanked Scott and took him down in meer seconds. The coterie then staked Scott and then immediately rolled him up into a rug that was mysteriously laying out on the balcony facing the Eastern sky.

The group quickly took Scott to Alice’s haven to interrogate Scott. Upon removing the stake and taking mental counter measures to ensure his cooperation Scott revealed himself to be an individual by the name of Yashar Khani Childe of Haquim.



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