Portland by Night is a campaign based in the Portland Metro Area in Portland, Oregon. The area is home to about 600,000 people and another 200,000 in the surrounding suburbs. As with all human development grow with time, so does the Kindred population.

Since the Oregon Trail, Kindred have taken refuge in the large forested areas of Oregon. Taking their ghouled caravans to escape the political battles in the east, they set out west to start a new life and away from the political mechaniations of the Camarilla. Portland, Or was quickly developed into a thriving lumber community that transported ship loads of timber to all parts of the country. With its decimation of the forest, industry was spawned to begin bringing in others into the area.

Logging moved farther and farther out of the area to make room for the metropolitan growth of Portland. Soon, Oregon began to thrive as a Anarch area along with the rest of the west coast away from the dealings with the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Occasional fights would spring from tribes of Lupine packs roaming the Northwest, but aggresions would only arise if the Kindred became a direct threat into the Vancouver area. The kindred new that to cross the Columbia River was to enrage the territories of the Lupines, and a unspoken truce was made.

By the turn of the 1950’s, even the Anarchs could not hold off the incursions of the Sabbat and the Camarilla. With the invention of the airplane, train tracks, and constant ships coming into port…it was only a matter of time that others would come.

The Camarilla’s presense began to take foot hold in Portland at this time. A Malkavian by the name of Corrin thrilled with the idea of clean water, fresh air, and un-tapped resources began to bring in others of his kind into Portland. Calling in boons owed to force others to move to his city, he began to set up a power base of fellow Kindred. In the year of 1952, a Malkavian, a Brujah, a Nosferatu, and a Ventrue in the Camarilla all arrived and solidified their havens in the City of Portland. The few anarchs that called the city home, were quickly told to either fall into line or to get out. Corrin explained that the city was ripe for the taking of the Sabbat, and a gem as beautiful as Portland would not fall into the hands of these monsters.

The Anarchs were not pleased. A war began.

After a five year conflict, the Anarchs were routed from the city. The traditions were solidified, and Corrin reigned as Prince. Once the saftey of the city was assured, the city began to swell with other Kindred from all across the globe. Strengthing the city with more Camarilla, it defended its power base from the Lupines and Sabbat and entrenched itself into mortal affairs quickly. Corrin with a known structured intellect began to restructure Portland’s financial holdings. He quickly took control during the 1960’s and established a iron grip on all dealings with the Lupines and Anarchs stressing that both groups are a harm to the Camarilla if played with. Venture past the Columbia River would be considered treason, and any dealings with the Anarchs other than securing the Masquearde would be dealt with by punishment.

This is the state of affairs tonight.

Portland By Night

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